Limestone Bank Fee Schedule

Review the Limestone Bank Fee Schedule* below to learn more about fees associated with different accounts, transactions, and other financial items.

Item Fee
ACH Transfer Setup
(per new ACH not initiated via online or mobile banking)
Attachments / Levy / Garnishments (per occurrence) $125.00
Cashier’s Checks (only available to current customers) $10.00
Check Cashing No charge
Collection Items (per item)

Copies (per page) $0.50
Debit Card Replacement
Rush Order
Dormant Account - Checking, Money Market, Savings (excluding Limited Edition Savings and Companion Savings) (Per Month if no customer initiated transactions for 365 days and less than $1,000 balance)
Deposit to Deposit Transfer Fee
Foreign ATM Transaction
(ATM service charge withdrawal)
Loan Amortization Schedule $10.00
Night Deposit
     Zipper bag
     Lock bag

Notary Services

No charge
Overdraft Fee - Per occurrence
(created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM, or other 
electronic means) - when account is overdrawn by $5.00 or more
Premature Account Closing
(< 90 days open)
Preprinted Checks Fee determined by type and style
(per hour)
(per copy)
Return Deposit Item
(per item)
Returned NSF Fee
(per occurrence - created by check, in-person withdrawal,
ATM, or other electronic means)
Safe Deposit Box
     Annual rent
     Drill fee
     Key replacement fee

Varies by box type
Special Statement Request
(per statement)
Statement Reconciling Assistance
(per hour)
Stop Payment Request
(per requested item)
Temporary Checks (four checks) per page $2.00
Wire Transfer (per transaction)
     Incoming Wire (Domestic)
     Incoming Wire (International)
     Outgoing Wire (Domestic)
     Outgoing Wire (International)

*As of 02/10/2022