Commercial Banking

Whenever you have a banking need for your business, we’re right there with you.

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Commercial Checking and Savings Accounts

  • Flexible lending options to help boost your growth. Strengthen your investments and back up your purchases with a loan or line of credit designed with you mind.

  • Checking Accounts 

  • Savings Accounts

Commercial Loans and Lines of Credit

  • Flexible lending options to help boost your growth. Strengthen your investments and back up your purchases with a loan or line of credit tailored to your unique business situation.

  • Loans

Business Banking

  • Save time and money by expediting financial processes. Our suite of treasury services — including remote deposit capture, ACH origination, wire transfer, positive pay, sweep, and online bill pay — can help you easily make your business more efficient.

  • Business Banking

Agricultural Lending

  • Keep your farm on firm financial ground. Many of us are farmers, and our first-hand experience dealing with the financial needs of our own farms — from infrastructure and real estate, to machinery and livestock — help us develop solutions to keep your farm running smoothly.

  • Agriculture Lending

Equine Lending

  • Lending options tailored to a top Kentucky industry. As one of the few financial institutions providing dedicated equine lending services, we have the market expertise required to support all of your equine banking needs.

  • Equine Lending

Terms and conditions apply to all Limestone Bank solutions.

Online & Mobile Banking

Check your account balance, transfer funds, and make deposits while you’re on-the-go with our online and mobile banking services. Learn more here

Enroll in Online Banking

Enroll in Mobile Banking
Once you're enrolled in online commercial banking, you can download Limestone Bank’s mobile app.1

Basic enrollment process including Terms and Conditions required.

Commercial Banking Services

Conveniently manage business finances from anywhere. Make purchases with a commercial debit card, and pay bills online via desktop or mobile, or by phone. Plus, get peace of mind and keep items secure with our safe deposit boxes for businesses.
Make purchases and withdraw cash with a debit card.

Once you've enrolled in online business banking, use our online bill payment feature to pay your business's bills at your convenience and avoid check writing and mailing checks. The ease of setting up automatic or recurring payments can also give you more time to focus on running your business even more efficiently.
Visit our Business Banking page to learn how Remote Deposit Capture can help you make deposits right from your office.
Access your account whenever you need to with this free service that enables you to check account balances, make payments, or transfer funds between various Limestone Bank accounts.

To access your account using our Bank by Phone system, call 877-238-7564. If you need more options, you can press 3* once you access the Bank by Phone system, or you can press 0 at any time for instructions on how to reach a customer service representative.
Keep important items secure with our safe deposit boxes.
Notarize your most important documents by working with our licensed notaries. Please contact your nearest branch to find out whether notary services are available.

All Services are subject to Terms, and may require minimum technology standards.
1Limestone Bank does not charge to download or use the Limestone Bank mobile app; however, fees may apply for using services in mobile banking. Your mobile carrier may charge for data and text usage. Check with your carrier for more information.

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